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Hello, my name is Princess Kasune Zulu. Thank you so much for visiting my web site.

I am one of 33 million people living with HIV in our world today. This virus has claimed the lives of my mother and father, baby sister and brother. It has taken the lives of 25 million around the world and orphaned 15 million children.

In the midst of this suffering, I continually remind myself that HIV does not own me or my soul. It is only a visiting stranger in my body. How I choose to respond is up to me and I choose to respond by using my voice to fight for those whose voice cannot be heard.


In so many ways living with HIV is a blessing. Perhaps HIV's biggest is the realization we need to make every day count, for time is running out. This to me seems a good lesson to learn, because whether you are a head of state, a church leader, a scientist, a teacher, a nurse, a parent, a patient, a humanitarian worker, a friend, every human being on earth has this in common: our time to make a difference is limited. We must think hard about the purpose of our life and be deliberate about the legacy we leave behind.

We have a choice to make, our generation has it within our grasp to end the senseless pain and suffering brought about through preventable diseases like HIV and AIDS and the others scourges of extreme poverty. The question is, will we? I ask you to join me, to join the movement of people who says, 'Yes! We will do everything in our power to end this suffering on our watch.'

My goal is to give you the tools to allow you to become part of this movement. You will learn more through this web site, through my book Warrior Princess, by joining the Facebook fan page and following me on Twitter.

Take it from someone who knows all too well that time is running out: when the years have faded and we have all gone and our grandchildren ask,?What did they do?? what do we want the answer to be? Let us stand together and be counted.

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